A Sachet of Anjuba Cashews Nuts

Anjuba Cashews Nuts  contains about 21 percent protein, 46 percent fat, and 25 percent carbohydrates. Anjuba Cashews Nuts are an extremely diverse form of nuts that provide a host of benefits…. cancer chemopreventive agent, promoting the development of important red … daily basis can really go a long way for the health of your body as a whole. …


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Best Cashews Nuts for your daily consumption


  1. Maria

    I love Anjuba Cashews so much

  2. Magnus

    Best price I’ve found on these huge cashews! There are very few broken ones, and they are great!

  3. Jared Erickson

    YUMMY is all i can say!! I loved them with the less salt too. Totally addicting. I would definitely keep these on REORDER

  4. Tom McFarlin

    Excellent taste, freshness, value

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