Sosega Nigeria FZE with its operating office situate at Plot F1, Calabar Free Trade Zone, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria is a privately owned enterprise registered on August 7, 1996 with the Calabar Free Trade Zone to process edible palm kernel oil and cakes basically for local and international consumption and was granted its first operating licence [OPL] on the 31st of November, 1999.

With new business initiative and opportunities in the cashew industry sector; application for a change of business was made to the Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA) and approval obtained in 2015 for the Enterprise to subsume fully into the processing of cashew nuts into edible cashew kernels mainly for export and local sales.  We also export and trade on quality raw cashew nuts in shell.

To ensure the smooth take-off and efficient management of its operation process, Sosega Nigeria FZE engaged the services of a Cashew consultant in 2015, who is very versatile and have spent the last 30 years developing strategies in the cashew sector. The professional tutelages of the consultant fast tracked our operational efficiency and productivity.

The management at Sosega Nigeria FZE holds extensive knowledge and experience in the field of commodity trading, processing and marketing. Over the years, they have passed on their expertise and passion for the business to all of the team members across the value chain and built a strong trading and manufacturing organization together. The company has an effective quality control systems for raw nuts and processed kernels, as well as a production tracking system that monitors performance across each of the six main processing units within the plant.

Sosega Nigeria FZE was established to mainly trade in a specific portfolio of products that are classified as, Agro-allied and Consumer Goods. Our procurement teams are empowered by the strong presence on the ground at all the cashew producing areas of Nigeria and are aided by a dedicated team specializing in providing the best quality products. On the other hand, our marketing team is empowered by our presence at distribution centers and specializes in providing the best value to customers.

The company’s rapid expansion stems from the efficient, experienced and professional members of the organization, whose key focus is to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. The inherent culture practiced in Sosega Nigeria FZE places strong emphasis on fulfilling the needs of their customers, partners and suppliers, and at the same time fostering long-term relationships with them. At the core of the overall company strategy is to ensure customer satisfaction. We have increase our production capacities and expanded our network outreach. This has not only increased our market share but have put our company on the map of global economies.

The company’s generic evolution has been an inspiration and encouragement for the entire organization. By upholding its core values strongly and capitalizing on its strengths, Sosega Nigeria will continue to vigorously pursue its vision and mission statements.

The Company has obtained all regulatory certifications which include National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), and Food and Drug Administration of US (FDA) with US. FDA Registration No: 12282429912. Others are Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) “Product Type” certification, Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000), International Standard Organisation (ISO 22000) as well as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Sosega Nigeria is a staunch member of African Cashew Alliance (ACA), an umbrella body for cashew initiative in Africa as well as member, National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN).


Trading with Sosega Nigeria FZE is made faster, quicker and more efficiently on this online platform where you can find our products and services, buy your required products.


Expansion of existing operations capacity, increased market share, forward and backward integration along the cashew value chain and staying customer oriented are the pillars of our overall company strategy.

Sosega Nigeria FZE has made a remarkable improvement in terms of developing a new product brand and its acceptance within a short period of time. To keep up with this steady growth, we continually strengthen our strategy by expanding our network outreach across the states of Nigeria, West African sub-region and sub-Saharan Africa including exploring the US markets.

We focus greatly on forward and backward integration to attain control over the entire supply chain and provide unique products to our customers. Of essence are our relationships with all of our trade partners, our passion and efficiency in the business. These ultimately are what makes us stand out. The organization continues to march on ahead with our values, strengths and strategy in mind to achieve our vision of being a premier global food processor and commodity trading giant.


Our strengths give us the competitive edge and set us apart from all our competitors. The aggregate of all our strengths listed below allows us to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients and enables us to be their preferred partner.

We value our sole ownership as the provider of family tradition and the vision of building for the next generation.


The company is established on the basis of zeal and passion roundly shared by the management and staff of the company.

Our strength also lies on the cumulative in-depth experience, knowledge, expertise and understanding of the industry and by extension on other sectors. This is further enhanced by our access to cutting edge technology in the cashew industry.

A team of highly motivated, skilled and intelligent personnel that is readily available.

Risk Management Abilities

Risk is defined as ‘a probability or a threat of damage, injury, liability, loss or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities, which may be avoided through pre-emptive action or the probability that an actual return on investment will be lower than the expected return’.

In cashew processing, there are major risks that must be addressed to minimise their impact on factory productivity. Major risks in raw cashew nut processing include:

  • Supply and cost of high quality RCN
  • Reliability and traceability of the supply chain
  • Fluctuating market prices and market trends
  • Fluctuating exchange rates and unstable local currencies in African countries
  • Non-existent or unstable government policies for the cashew industry

Labour scarcity and wage increases

Our ability to identify and address the various risks involved in our trade as enumerated above well beforehand has proven to be an important key to success in ensuring smooth business operations. With an extremely disciplined risk management practices which is a unique capability that makes us stand out, the company has been able to understand existing and potential risks for our business, develop and implement risk mitigation strategies and continually monitor potential risks, define and implement mitigation strategies thus  turning every weaknesses to opportunities.

Proximity to the source of RCN. The proximity to the source of RCN origin offers Sosega Nigeria Fze an excellent opportunity to meet buyer requirements of traceable cashew kernels – from farm to fork.


The cashews are packed air-tight using vacuum packing machines. The machines extract the air and flush the packs with carbon dioxide and nitrogen to protect the cashews and increase their shelf-life. They cashews are packed in different vacuum pack sizes depending on buyer requirement.


Mission Statement

  • To simplify and streamline the business of cashew nut processing in emerging global markets
  • A firm commitment to providing the best quality to its esteemed customers at the best price possible while ensuring that its valued shareholders get good returns on their investment.
  • To remain one of the best in the industry that offer adequate remunerations to its management and staff and ensuring a guaranteed good working environment, while recruitment, training and retaining personnel is based on the principle of best practices and offering opportunities to all irrespective of creed, religion, political/cultural affiliation, colour, language, race or ethnicity.


To become the market leader and most efficient processor of quality cashew kernels and cashew snacks for both local and international markets. We look beyond the horizon to anticipate change and to create a unique brand that will be a household product for the family globally.

Corporate Values and Culture

Sosega Nigeria FZE espouses six key values that guide our activities. It unites all employees at Sosega, connecting us across business units and the vast geography. These values are integral to the way we work and the decisions we make. Living out these values is what shapes the corporate culture at Sosega and enables us to make a positive difference.

  • Integrity: We believe interactions with our customers, partners and employees must always be open, fair, respectful, uncompromising and honest.
  • Professionalism: We provide our customers with personal attention, quality products and maximum value in line with Manufacturing Best Practices.
  • Innovation: We encourage thinking beyond conventional wisdom. We give our team the freedom to take decisions, give suggestions and motivate them to take initiatives to bring about change and industrial re-engineering.
  • Teamwork: We work together to produce extraordinary products. We recognizes every individual’s vision and commitment to achieve set objectives. The role of every category of staff is well acknowledged, appreciated and encouraged.
  • Excellence: We strive for the best quality ever. Our approach to satisfying our buyer’s needs is unequalled. We go extra mile in ensuring that buyers of our products get value for their money.
  • Prudence: We conduct our affairs in an open and transparent manner and no compromises on quality products delivery.
  • Partnership: We build successful long-term mutually-beneficial business relationships with our buyers, suppliers and various affiliates based on creating “win-win” solutions for today and tomorrow’s business challenges.
  • Information Dynamics: We share knowledge across the globe, all functions and hierarchies, as well as with our buyers and our business partners. We communicate and take time to listen to what others have to say.
  • Quality Assurance: We have an established Food Safety Policy with a firm commitment to quality management by implementing and ensuring an effective Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based on demands of International Certifications or its equivalent. Thus, we incorporates organizations, structures , responsibilities, activities, resources, skills and events that together provide effective procedures and methods of implementation that ensure and demonstrate our capacity to process, preserve and package based on global best practices.

Health Safety and Environment (EIA)

The company is poised to the protection of the environment through compliance to all relevant environmental legislation and the implementation of its key strategic action plans. The strategies include waste minimization resulting from waste water disposal and ensuring that environment was not polluted. Also to minimize toxic emissions as well as greenhouse gas emissions generated by its activities. We employ environmental friendly technology in the selection of equipment.

Growth and Profitability Goals

It is the ultimate goal of the company to be the market leader in the provision of quality cashew kernels and a unique brand of cashew consumer packs. Our goal is also to grow the business to an enviable height through consistent and steady income streams.

What I treasure at Sosega Nigeria FZE is the accessibility to information and the freedom to take on the ground decisions.

Peculiar  (Staff)


Fair Employment Policy

Our Policy sets out our commitment to ensure that all employees are treated with dignity and fairness, and to protecting the rights of staff in our workplaces. It is aligned to our ethos of Growing Responsibly and is in full compliance with the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and United Nations Global Compact’s (UNGC) guiding principles on human rights and labour.

Anti-bribery and Corruption

Our Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy reflects Sosega’s commitment to uphold all applicable laws globally and the requirement that all our employees act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all their business dealings and relationships wherever they operate.

Code of Conduct

The Sosega Code of Conduct sets out our commitment to “do what is right”, founded on the values and everyday behaviours that build our distinctive culture and setting the standard for what it means to be part of Sosega team Player.

Supplier Code

We aim to build long-term relationships with suppliers based on responsible business practices and trust. The Sosega Supplier Code sets out our expectations to support our goal to purchase raw materials and products produced in a manner that is socially responsible, economically profitable and environmentally sustainable.

Our goal is for 100% of our priority product volumes (cashews nuts) to be covered by the Supplier Code by the end of 2020.


With the factory office situated in Free Export Zone, Calabar, Nigeria we also have presence in USA and this gives us full control over the supply chain and allows us to provide excellent service and distribution to our customers.


..training and setting up a Factory

We are very conversant with all manufacturing process: identification of raw materials, nuts steaming in boiler, cutting, drying in oven, peeling, grading, packaging etc. We rendered guidance on setting up of a Nuts processing factory ranging from:

  1. Training in quality assurance and control
  2. Documentations/formalities
  3. Providing information on available equipment and machinery
  4. Advice on standards and export legislation
  5. Providing information on packaging
  6. Providing access to packaging materials and suppliers
  7. Advice on marketing (tools and techniques)